Domestic Violence

Risk of Domestic Violence Quiz**

Do you feel that you, or someone you love, may be involved in domestic violence? The answers to these questions may surprise you.

  1. Have there been threats of homicide and/or suicide? (against you? children? relatives?)
  2. Is there a history of prior threats and/or attempts? 
  3. Have there been fantasies of homicide and/or suicide?
  4. Has there been increased use of threats and violence in the home?
  5. Does your partner have a prior history of assault?
  6. Does your partner have a history of drug and/or alcohol use?
  7. Is there a history of police intervention for domestic quarrels?
  8. Is there current possession of a weapon in the home?
  9. Does your partner have access to firearms?
  10. Does your partner get violent when using drugs or alcohol?
  11. Is there an occupational history of using force to solve problems?
  12. Is there a history of stalking?
  13. Does your partner tell you what clothes to wear?
  14. Does your partner tell you what friends you can have?
  15. Does your partner tell you when you may visit your family?
  16. Does your partner limit your access to transportation?
  17. Is there a history of psychiatric problems or rage related to stress?
  18. Has there been a recent death of a loved one?
  19. Is the family isolated?
  20. Do you have children from a previous relationship in the home?
  21. Is there significant debt?
  22. Is there pornography in the home?

**This is NOT a clinical test. It is a questionnaire to assess the risk of domestic violence. The greater the number of positive responses indicates a higher risk. If you believe there is a significant risk of violence, develop a safety plan and seek help immediately. If you believe there is immediate danger to yourself or others, call 911 in your local community.