Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction Screening Quiz

This self-quiz is designed to help people determine whether or not they need to seek help with their problems. This is not a clinical test. Most people answer affirmative to some items on the quiz. If there is a pattern of several yes answers, please contact a mental health professional or the local chapter of Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous or another sexual addiction support group for further information.

Do your sexual behaviors ever get you in trouble?

Have you ever attempted to stop your sexual activity, or parts of your sexual activity?

Do you worry about people finding out about your sexual activities?

Would your partner say you have trouble with your sexual behavior?

Do you feel there is anything wrong with your sexual behavior?

Does your sexual behavior take up more and more of your time?

Have you dropped other activities due to your sexual behavior?

Is there a family history of problems with sexual behavior?

Do you regularly rent or purchase sexually explicit magazines or videos?

Have you disappointed yourself with your sexual behavior?

Do you hide your sexual behavior from others?

Do you use your sexual behavior to avoid problems or feelings?

Is your sexual behavior illegal?

Do your sexual desires control you?

Do you ‘zone out’ prior to engaging in sexual behavior?

Has anyone been hurt because of your sexual behavior?

Have you used sex to get things from people?

Do you engage in sexual behavior against your will?

Do you experience mood swings related to your sexual behavior?

Has your sexual behavior interfered with your family life or business?