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After The Affair:

Helping Your Child Heal

How To Stay Calm And Controlled While Helping Your Child Through This Turbulent Time

As a parent, a heart-wrenching concern, even more than for yourself, is for your children.

How will this affair affect your children? What can you do to ease the pain? What do they need to understand to help them get through?

It’s hard enough on you, but what about the little lives of your children?

When your child gives you a confused or hurtful look and asks what is happening with their dad or mom, do you even have a clue how you will handle it?

Rather than fumble and stumble for words or say the first thing that comes into your head, you can instead have a solid plan. You can have confidence in handling such questions and situations.

Rather than have your child lose confidence, you can instead start calming them with your own controlled demeanor.

When you have clear direction, you can stay calm and controlled in responding to your child’s need for answers and reassurances.

How you handle your child during this time will shape the kind of relationship you have with them for years to come.

Those questions some parents dread and avoid can instead give you opportunities to shine as someone they can count on during family uncertainties.

Make no mistake, what you do along with what you say communicates loudly to your child.

Having the confidence of what to look for, how to handle their questions and understand the situation through their eyes can help you be a hero when they need their parent.

Inside “Helping Your Child Heal” you will:

  • Discover where to look for emotional scars from the affair and how you can help your child deal with them.
  • Improve the caring in your relationship with your children by removing their hidden hurts and fears
  • Create a healthier home and increase genuine love by taking steps reducing moral confusion and conditional messages
  • Have age-appropriate ways of handling the affair with your children, whether they are toddlers, adolescents or adult children.
  • Know how to reduce contention with with problematic legal issues of child custody and parent alienation syndrome. (Just knowing these items could save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees from lawyers for them just explaining this to you).
  • How to reduce the risks of Parent Alienation Syndrome (PAS)
  • Discover exactly how to reduce the impact of damaged relationships between parents and children...

This guide will help you in dealing with the effects of affairs and their aftermath on your children.

You can know how to deal with the subject of the affair and questions your child may have without immersing them in the emotional whirlpool the affair brings with it.

Besides addressing the issues of an affair, the topics of children and divorce along with Parent Alienation Syndrome are also covered and explained.

Dealing with family courts often has risks. You can know what they are and ways of dealing with them rather than being “surprised” by the attorneys.

Knowing those risks can help you make better choices for you and your children.

As with any effective book dealing with children, “Helping Your Child Heal” challenges any mistakes and show you ways of improving your parenting and your family as a whole.

You're Not Only Shaping Your Relationship With Them.  You're Shaping THEM!

With children, it's not only how the affair will impact them in the present...  It's how it'll impact them in the future.

Of course, how you handle an affair will have an effect on your relationship with them, at the very least.

Take it a step further though.  What will it mean in terms of shaping their life?  Their future?  The relationships that they're in a few decades?

How you handle it will speak volumes to them...

Put your best foot forward.  Learn how to handle the affair with them, both verbally and non-verbally.  Find out how to re-assure and comfort them in such a traumatic time.

All of this and more is in my "Helping Your Child Heal" Ebook!  And, quite simply, you shouldn't do it alone...

Under $20?

When it comes to children, you have to consider not just how they react to things right now, in the present...  But how it'll influence and affect them in the future.

I can't tell you how many people I work with on a daily basis who had experienced the affair trauma as a child or young adult, only to live through it with their spouse again.

I know that if the parent would have handled it differently years or decades ago, then my clients wouldn't be in the position that they're in...

For the reason, I'm offering this ebook for less than $20 when you order today...

For only $19.97, you'll get immediate access which means you can go through it a few times before your next conversation with your child...  Helping them heal from the trauma that was cause by the affair.

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