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After The Affair:

Picking Up The Pieces

Step-By-Step Advice From D-Day Crisis To Getting Over The Hurt And Rebuilding Intimacy With Your Spouse

Many people refer to the day they find out about their partner’s affair as “D-Day.”

That day stands out in your mind for many reasons. The parallels between “Discovery Day” and the D-Day of World War II, with its mass destruction are not accidental.

In my family, it was referred to as “Hiroshima”.

The news of that day tears your world apart and you desperately cry out for help.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is also the threat of those condemning questions you ask yourself about you and your spouse.

Some of you may feel like you are caught in a self-destructive whirlpool. You know that your world is torn apart and feel lost as to what to do or where to begin.

‘After the Affair – Picking Up the Pieces’ takes you step by step from the point of D-Day crisis through your pain and confusion to getting over the hurt and finally communicating and rebuilding intimacy with your spouse.

I purposely simplified it, since your mind is unable to focus during this time of your life.

I included techniques and skills based on brain research, so that you will be able to bypass and avoid the traps, defense mechanisms and self-protection games of the cheater.

It is more than a marriage self-help book, this guide takes you in a special sequence through recovery and provides benefits not found in other ‘guides’ or self-help books.

You have different needs depending on where you are in recovery, which Picking Up The Pieces moves you along through recovery.

  • Discover the individual stages of recovery and what needs to happen in the order of what you need, when you need it, thus reducing confusion and feeling overwhelmed.
  • When you’re hurting, you do not want to work through a 300-400 page doorstop of a book, and months of scheduled meetings. You want healing now, not in several weeks. With Picking Up The Pieces, you can start right away, moving through recovery at your own pace or feeling like you are in school again with all the pressure it brings. The sooner you start, the sooner healing begins.
  • Learn the communication techniques that'll start you through recovery without having to know all the details of the affair or what kind of affair the cheater had so that you can start recovering from the affair right away. They work with most affair situations, so that you no longer have to work at analyzing anything in order to start healing.
  • Discover powerful techniques that were designed for by-passing communication roadblocks, thus reducing the friction in your arguments and keeping you from fighting the same fight over and over.

After an affair you are easily overwhelmed by too much information.

You already know what the signs of an affair are, and now you want to know what to do about it.

‘Picking Up the Pieces’ guides you in affair recovery, by knowing how to put your shattered life back and improving the intimacy and communication in your marriage.

An affair does not mean the relationship is over.

Affairs change relationships.

You can know how those relationship changes happen in your marriage and ways of dealing with them. Rather than be trapped by communication games, you can learn to bypass them and direct your communication straight to the cheater’s heart.

Rather than suffering in a state of emotional helplessness, you can know what your options are in dealing with the affair.

Divorce is not your only option. Before making premature decisions about what others are telling you to do, you can know what your options are.

You can know what the benefits and drawbacks of such options as separation, divorce, and working through the marital affair.

Do NOT Go At This Alone...

It's easy to get caught up in thinking (or overthinking) the affair.  In fact, if you weren't overthinking it, I'd be worried.

Know this...  What you do AFTER the D-Day is the difference between repairing your relationship and going down the other path.

If a part of you wants to save the relationship, don't think about trying to put it back together without this book.

The explanation of the recovery stages and the simple communication strategies you'll learn inside the ebook will do more to repair your relationship than you could possibly imagine.

Use the wrong language, ask the wrong questions, or approach the situation in the wrong way and you'll do irreparable damage to your relationship (and yourself, mentally)...

Under $20?

Listen, affairs are hard...

After working with hundreds of couples and people, I've seen what the right advice can do for a relationship.

In fact, one of my greatest joys is seeing a relationship get better and live on for years and decades (I've been doing this long enough to see that happen!)

It's my mission to help...

For that reason, I'm pricing this report under $20 because I KNOW how effective the strategies it contains are...

Download your copy today for only $19.97.  You'll get access immediately!

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