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After The Affair:

Why Wasn't I Enough?

How To Be Clear And Confident In The Midst Of The Trauma Caused By The Affair

You no longer have to beat yourself and other up with your incessant questions about an affair or a suspected affair.

You do not have to wallow in self-pity or inadequacy whenever the topic of the affair comes up...

You can have confidence when you discuss sensitive issues instead of all that shakiness inside coming out and taking over.

Imagine what your relationship will be like when you are no longer beating yourself up or tormenting yourself with questions in the back of your mind...

Questions about your own inadequacy, about whether spying is something you should do, or who should make the first move.

You may even have doubts in your mind if cheating is actually going on.

Imagine how things will go when you have confidence in addressing important issues rather than self-doubt.

Imagine being able to talk about the affair without worries regarding what your mind imagines is going on.

When you have clear answers, you will not be so easily distracted from important issues. Now is the time you need real focus rather than fussing over the distractions.

Knowing where the problem is will take a burden off of you and keep you from always second-guessing with “What if..”

That “What if…” can keep you on a long guilt trip. Think about what your life will be like without that nagging “What if”” going off in the back of your mind.

Think about how much better your talks will be when you and your spouse are no longer caught up in blaming and shaming each other. Those blame traps can be avoided, along with the self-doubt and confusion.

A confused mind is a mind that does not take action.

Rather than stay confused and inactive, you can move forward in your marriage relationship.

Inside this ebook, you'll discover:

  • What to do with the temptation to spy on the cheater and their lover
  • Ways of dealing with the cheater blaming you for the affair
  • What should happen when single women wanting to flirt with and hit on your husband
  • Plus, there's a special Section with a self test checklist to Find Out if You Are Dealing with a Sexual Addiction

Instead of wandering around confused about how to survive an affair, you can gain perspective and direction.

When you are not confused, the both of you can move forward and move closer to each other.

You can move on with affair recovery that includes knowing how to deal with the lies, and knowing whether you are dealing with addictive behavior.

Just knowing whether you are dealing with a sexual addictive behavior or a ‘full blown’ affair makes a tremendous difference in how you deal with each other and the affair itself.

The self test included in the book will help you know for certain what it is your are dealing with when it comes to your questions about sexual addiction or an affair.

You can have confidence in knowing what questions to avoid since they only stir up strife and do nothing to help your recovery.

Questions That Should Never
Be Asked...

Let's be honest - not every question that you have swirling around your head right now should be asked...  Things like "Why wasn't I good enough?" or "Where did it happen?" don't do anyone any good.

If you want to torment yourself for the rest of your life and you've already decided that it was over, then go ahead and ask them...

However, if you want to rebuild your relationship and establish the trust that you once had, in some form at least, then you need this ebook.

What you'll soon discover are the questions to ask, the questions NOT to ask, and the rationale and reasoning behind each.

It's safe to say that any conversion without reading this ebook first is a firestorm...

Hopefully, you get it right.  Most likely though, you'll ask the wrong question, driving a wedge between you and your spouse that will be even more difficult to repair.

Only $19.97!

For a very limited time, because I want to save as many people as possible from the heartache and searing mental images, we're offering this ebook for only $19.97.

You'll get immediate access, meaning you'll be able to go through it before your next conversation - knowing exactly what to say and what questions to ask...

And what questions to avoid!

My mission is to get this material into as many hands as possible, which is why I'm pricing it so cheap...  For the price of two coffee's at the local Starbucks, you can start to repair your relationship starting with the most important part...


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