Forgiveness: Stop the Pain, Tear Down the Walls and Remove the Roadblocks

Forgiveness is a critical part of recovering from an affair. With forgiveness being so critical for healing you'd assume that everyone knows how to do it. The shock is that few people know what forgiveness is and even fewer know how to forgive.

Forgiveness has become the part of affair recovery that many talk about, yet few address in a way that brings lasting healing.

If there is going to be any hope of reconciliation in your marriage, forgiveness is a must. Since it is so critical, this is an area you cannot afford cheap substitutes or shortcuts. When you're rebuilding your marriage, you want the best quality solutions and answers. The quality of your marriage relationship depends on the solutions you apply.

When forgiveness is done too early, left incomplete or approached haphazardly, it impacts your relationship. When it comes to your marriage, leaving such an important part half-done amounts to sabotage.

There are many reasons you may have forgiven too early. It could be pressure from peers, someone pleading with you with their big puppy dog eyes or something you heard from the pulpit. Those pressures could have guilted you into a premature forgiveness. A premature forgiveness is an incomplete forgiveness.

You don't have to continue harboring hurt feelings and disappointments. Keeping those feelings around and nursing grudges only lead to eventual resentments. Forgiveness is MORE than just putting those things behind you. It's going to take more than just putting it behind you or having a do-over.

Relationship make-overs make for entertaining television, but when your marriage is on the line, you need real answers rather than mere cosmetic changes. When the two of you agree to be at peace and act like the past is over with, it looks good, but things are still not settled.

Perhaps you were never taught how to forgive. When it comes to personal relationship matters, you may be one of those who were either never taught or the person teaching you didn't teach you a way that works.

Mishandled forgiveness, like poorly set broken bones, leads to future problems. Forgiveness, like those broken bones, is something that should be done the right way at the right time. By mishandling forgiveness, you could be keeping problems going without realizing it.

Mishandled forgiveness results in health and relationship problems. Your health is directly tied to forgiveness issues. How you handle forgiveness impacts your mental, physical and emotional well-being. Those longer healing timescan cause sleep problems and recent health issues are more about unforgiveness than you might have imagined.

When not handled correctly, those hurts rob you of your sleep, your attractiveness and your ability to think clearly. Those weight issues you've been struggling with may be more about forgiveness than your metabolism, lack of exercise or diet.

If you already have health problems, mishandled forgiveness makes any problem worse.

After 30+ years of working with couples and their marital struggles, I've put together a video addressing this important topic of forgiveness.

This presentation is for you if:

  1. You’re confused about what forgiveness is
  2. You continue struggling with incomplete or inadequate forgiveness
  3. You’re not sure if you’re ready to forgive
  4. You want to know how to forgive
  5. You want to regain that connection you lost with your spouse
  6. You want to stop the pain, tear down the walls and remove the roadblocks that have been keeping you distanced from your spouse
  7. You want to reconnect with your spouse

I've worked with couples who've struggled through forgiveness. I've seen it done wrong more times than I've seen it done right. That's why I created the presentation, "Forgiveness: Stop the Pain, Tear Down the Walls and Remove the Roadblocks."

In the video, I'll share with you the 5W's of forgiveness, the result of unforgiveness along with knowing the difference between repentance and forgiveness. I'll also walk you through the Direct Connect Method™ of forgiveness, taking forgiveness to the deepest hurts you have.

I wanted you to have solid answers that come with forgiveness done right rather than the incomplete forgiveness methods presented by the woo-woo relationship gurus. Those incomplete solutions may be keeping you sick.

You can instead have solid answers and solid methods that put you on a firm foundation.

You can let go of all the hurts and resentments. Those walls keeping the two of you apart can be lowered, and the roadblocks keeping you from connecting with each other removed.

When done right, Forgiveness opens you up to new possibilities in your marriage. New meanings can be attached to all those old wounds and hurts.

You can have new hope, better health and unlock new possibilities for your marriage with forgiveness.

Get the forgiveness help you need today.

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