Getting Past the Affair Crisis

There are few things that stun you like discovering that your spouse is having an affair. You may find yourself asking “What?” or wanting the news repeated. It’s so hard to believe, it may take hearing it several times before the affair news hits your brain. Yes, your ears heard it, but that distance between your ears and your head become canyon like. You may even wonder if you can ever make it past this part of your life.

You may find yourself stunned in disbelief. Like a deer in your headlights, you are frozen with surprise, fright, disbelief and shock. You may find that your brain just can’t accept what you just heard or saw. At that point, you life takes a sudden sharp turn.

Some people are able to negotiate that sudden sharp turn of events. You may be one of those who gets stuck, or over reacts or just freezes. For whatever reason, that sudden sharp turn puts you in what I call “The Affair Crisis”.

The good news is that you don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to stay emotional stunned. Although you may not see much of a future, you can move past the crisis you are in. Just because you can’t see where the future is taking you doesn’t mean you are doomed to staying stuck in the “Affair Crisis”.

There are reasons why your brain froze up. There are reasons that you feel that your life is in a thousand pieces. Although you don’t feel in control, there is a reason for those sensations of loosing it.

Not only are there reasons for these things happening to you, there are ways of moving you past the crisis. There are ways of moving you past being stunned, past the obsessing, and past feeling lost.

In my webinar “Getting You Past the Crisis” you can find your pathway back. You can use the techniques and strategies in moving your brain and emotions past that sharp curve that suddenly came your way.

That moment you discovered the affair may be frozen in time, yet your life does not have to stay that way. The 90-minute webinar helps you reset your brain and emotions to where you can handle daily life again.

You can know what kind of people you need in your life during this time, rather than making one bad choice after another.

Rather than putting band-aids on the symptoms, you’ll know ways of getting to the root problems.

Rather than dreading the symptoms each day brings, you can instead learn what they are telling you about what needs changing in your life.

This webinar is for you if you’re experiencing trouble moving past the affair crisis, or if you may have rushed past the crisis without really dealing with it. When issues are moved past without dealing with them, they’re still unresolved. Rather than fixing the wrong problem, you can have the certainty of dealing with the root problems and ways of getting there.

You’ll also benefit if you’re feeling ‘out of control’ with news of the affair and want some way of regaining yourself. You don’t have to spend another day fighting the dazed and confused state of mind that comes with the affair crisis.

Some of the areas addressed in the webinar include:

  1. Ways of discovering root problems
  2. Understanding the reason you are not thinking clear and what you can do to fix it.
  3. Understanding what your symptoms are telling you about the situation and your marriage
  4. What to look for in friends and social support networks, including telling the homewreckers from non-homewreckers
  5. Knowing when you are ready to handle the affair situation.
  6. Imagine being more effective in handling your marriage situation. Rather than being vulnerable to emotional manipulation or being taken advantage of, you can instead be at your best.

The stakes are high when your marriage is in crisis. When your marriage is at stake, you do not want your brain functioning at its worst. You’ll want to be at your best when dealing with questions and situations that are critical to your marriage.

Video training. Immediate access. $47.00

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