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I'm ready to…

  • Stop torturing myself with the "what if" questions
  • Enjoy my spouse's company again
  • End the fighting by knowing what to say and what not to say
  • Using science-based approaches to bypass defense mechanisms
  • Stop making excuses/taking blame for my spouse's choice
  • Learn how to stop the fantasies behind the cheating
  • Learn the art of forgiveness and how/when - or IF - it's appropriate
  • Know that I am working to save my marriage
  • Break family cycles and patterns of cheating that are weakening my marriage

Yes!  The one-time investment of just $397
can help bring bring out the GREATNESS
in my marriage.

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Jeff you  are the best. Thanks for the free gifts . I always get so happy to see an email from you, I  can't wait to read them. Thank you. I feel like you are an angel looking over me,  guiding me through my pain with my marriage. It's funny that you sent me something on trust. It was the very thing my husband and I were seriously talking about yesterday. And it's one of the big issues I have in our relationship, so it couldn't have been a better time for you to send these messages.

- Kandi